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To inspire & empower the magic within you


Pura Magia was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Founded by a Female Medical Student with an undeniable desire to give a little enchantment & inspiration through accessories, art & whimsical trinkets. We love all things creative & believe in the magic of empowering those around us by encouraging creativity, individuality and self expression. 

Here at Pura Magia we want to bring a little magic to your wardrobe and your space, to inspire & empower the magic within you!


Sustainable Packaging

Here at Pura Magia, we care about the environment & strive to be as eco-conscious as possible.  We try to minimize excess packaging while still adding a magical touch to your package. 

In an effort to minimize waste we decided to use packaging made out of recycled material.

All of our packaging is recyclable & compostable. Our mailers are recyclable but soon we will move on to 100% compostable mailers. 

our packaging is 100% handcrafted. We design & create most of our packaging in house. 

some components are sourced from artisan owned businesses. 

Together we can spread a little magic to our environment as well. 


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